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Project Description

After building the house to make room for the family that has just enlarged, the time to decorate and furnish has been reduced to a minimum.

As soon as the kids grew up a bit, this young and dynamic couple of parents made the decision to devote themselves to furnishing with all the awareness of a home they’ve already lived in. There are few items of furniture, many materials such as wood, stucco, fabrics, and some color touches: mustard and blue as a trick to highlight the space.

TV area has been upgraded thanks to the new lightweight, with solid oak panels, masking the structure column and adding a container column. The suspended white elemnt was already part of the home furnishing and was maintained, highlighting the two materials and colors.

The LED light integrated vertically to the left and under the suspended horizontal elements allows the eyes to rest in the evening, in addition to enhancing the simple geometries of the wall panneling.

To give greater emphasis to the walls, the fabric effect material stucco has been tailor-made for the customers dining area. The painter’s ability to create the combination between the thin and rough weave and the irregular and smooth touch to the surface gives the walls an unusual tridimensionality.

The seats, already owned by the customers at the time of the project’s design begining, had a greater emphasis thanks to the combination with the suspension lamps and its long cables that facilitate the orientation and the height of the light freely.

The practical rug in the dining area reveals it’s stain resistance power, as its interlacement is made of vinyl and glass fiber.

The design vision of the yellow armchairs is that of a sitting that “welcomes” with grace of the movement of a butterfly that in Latin is called Papilio. Designed by designer Fukasawa with fluidity, it shows in the cozy and sinuous shape of the seat the desire to offer the utmost comfort to those who sit in. With its unmistakable hinge it is a product with strong iconicity.

An essential table, only a few lines to indicate structure, low thicknesses, unconventional proportions, extreme measurements build a solid, hardened and strong object.

Designed by Piero Lissoni for Cassina is extensible and is entirely made of natural oak wood, such as the contemporary wall panelling of the TV wall.

At the entrance we find these playful painted metal hangers on different heights, that allow the youngest to learn to help and keep the house in order.

In addition, these suspended elements also have a shelf function to support photographs, home keys or a a plant. The space proportions was rebuilt only thanks to the unusual use of bold yellow color on a single wall and ceiling.

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