Apartment full renovation and furniture design | 290 Sqm | Milan – Italy

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Project Description

Dimora Milanese, is a compete refurbishment and bespoke interior design project in Brera District – Milan.

Completely refurbishing your overseas home needs to be a tough task, but relying on a local professional, my clients have immediately found security, sharing a common aesthetic vocabulary. This allowed us to obtain as a result a Milanese apartment coherent with the context, reflecting the personal taste of the owners.

The original shades of the newly restored 1920s building have been echoed inside, with touches of warm shades of the original parquet and the various wood essences used, such as Sukupira and Canaletto walnut. Particular attention has also been paid to furniture fabrics, curtains, wall coverings and carpets.

Media room for the family is decorated with suede wall coverings and  custom designed walnut wood wall paneling.

Custom woodwork joinery as satin lacquered doors, wall panelings in walnut, with silk-lacquered insert in Dorset County stone  tones, the result of numerous samplings – characterizes this space, expressing warmth with a  modernist air.

Amazing artwork with blue hues by Roberto Demarchi called “Famiglia di Titani” works beautifully as a focal point above the workplace desk.

Family Media room is decorated with suede wall coverings and custom designed walnut wood wall paneling. Card table in Guatemala green marble is surrounded by velvet upholstered chairs. On the side wall owners beautiful engraving by Piranesi found place. Warm shades of wood in the parquet of the 1920s are shaded with a gray wool carpet with a geometric pattern.

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