Interior decoration & furniture design | 12 Sqm | Lugano – Switzerland

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Project Description

Creating a modern and cozy room for a baby to come could be a difficult task in 12 square meters. Especially if one of the walls is completely occupied by a closet and one other by a window.  The project of a nursery with a non-conventional form of the floorplan, maintaining the existing furniture, has to be designed right from the beginning with a with the perspective of growth, because in a small room every inch must be used, leaving more space as a playground.

Therefore, for this project, along with the owners, we have designed and custom built a changing table, combined with a dresser and a nice mini-wardrobe for clothing and baby items. We have added a small pull-out tabletop, which if necessary can be used to have on hand the products you need when changing the baby. Next to the window there is the bed for the nanny, with practical drawers for storage, to keep everything in order.

The arrangement of the furniture, the color palette and theme of the project should be flexible, allowing parents to add some personal touches, after they will finally find out if it is a boy or a girl. The theme of the project, that was chosen for the bedroom, is a star. This combination is perfect for keeping the concept of neutral nursery, that together with the accessories and the patterned fabric make the room unique. The stylized trees on the fabric for pillows and the nanny bed trhow in the tree, it pulls together all the basic colors used in the room.

The graphic statement in this room is made by the gallery of motivational posters, personally chosed by  the mommy, framed in sleek white frames, that  nicely stand out on the light grey wall. Neutral colors in their paler shades such as gray, beige, yellow and green have a positive impact on the mood of the newborn. The use of soft tones and natural colors have a calming effect.

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