270 Sqm | Lugano – Castagnola

Project Description

The idea of the interior of this house is based on inspirations from the east, which the client has very much at heart. From the entrance highlighted by the marble mosaic carpet you can see the open space between the living room and dining room with a view of the Gulf of Lugano. The contaminations of the Asian style through the use of wall panels, the shoji-style sliding doors made of glass enclose the clarity and simplicity, while the western furnishings bring us back to a style with an international flavor.

In the kitchen, where the use of oak has a predominant role, the wall units aim to lighten the composition. The use of black granite for the worktop is a choice dictated by the practicality and graphic nature of the material, while the splash guard in purple caulk turns into a shelf to give the kitchen a touch of color.

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