Penthouse project, interior design & artistic management | 170 Sqm | Caslano – Switzerland

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Project Description

Quiet, sunny area with the downtown within walking distance: this is the frame that an elegant senior couple of owners chose as home for the future. Located on Lake Lugano bank, the penthouse in facing famous for its famous Monte Caslano, which has long been included in the federal landscape inventory for the beauty of its nature.

High standard of living is guaranteed thanks to the extensive spaces, to the brightness of the wide openings, to the generous surfaces of the covered terraces. As the architectural framework is built in wood, the interior design has been as well conceived with a natural concept of simplicity: as for example the interior paint chosen is high-pigmented casein-based formula. Natural lighting is also guaranteed for spaces that are usually blind: corridor and laundry room have skylights that fill the spaces with zenithal light. While scenarios for artificial lighting have been studied in order to conceal the light source while spreading a warm, enveloping light in the space from above.

The optimization of interior distribution and ergonomics of furnishings are the key to this project. Living area is characterized by comfortable seating arrangement to ensure a welcoming conversation area. Whilst the library wall, in front of the large sliding glass doors on the terrace, conceived as a functional center of daily life for my customers, who possess many books, at the same time hosts the television and hi-fi equipment. The harmoniously arranged elements interpret the functional needs of the contemporary home with personality and style. Bottom drawers, shelves and storage on each side, have all a specific function: behind one of the sloping doors there is an elegant concealed bar for a cocktail with friends.

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